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The Style Guide is the style manual for all JaxPlays articles.

If there's no rule, follow these rules

If there are no specific rules under the Style Guide, follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style.

If there is any contradiction between the Style Guide and the Manual of Style, the Style Guide always has precedence.


Please use a play template or a musical template to begin creating a new show page.

Please use a person template to begin creating a new page for a cast or crew member.

Simply copy the code from the template page and paste it into a new page to start.

If you have trouble using the templates, don't let that stop you from creating a new page. Other editors will take what you started and clean it up. We still appreciate your contribution!


Do not plagiarize from other websites.

If you are quoting from another site, even if you are the original author, please enclose the quote in quotation marks and include a reference to the source material.


Although we are not as stringent as Wikipedia, we request that all articles reference the source material whenever possible.

The easiest way to add a footnote reference is to enter the following code after the information:

<ref>url.com/citation Title of the page</ref>

If you are editing with the visual editor, click "Cite" on the menu, and use the pop up.

Show Titles

The title of a show page should include the full title (regardless of length) followed by the year it began production in parentheses.

It should not be abbreviated, nor should it include the name of the production company or theatre that staged it.

Good example:

  • "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2020)"

Bad example:

  • "Funny Thing - Theatre Jax - 2015"

Two shows in the same year

If a show is staged twice in one year, on the second production's page, add the name of the theatre/production company after the year.

The order is determined by when the production is added to JaxPlays, even if the second production is earlier in the year.


Create a New Show Page

Enter the show title below and click "Create new article."