It's A Wonderful Life (2015)

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It's a Wonderful Life
It's A Wonderful Life - WJCT Radio Theatre.jpeg
TheatreWJCT Radio Theater
Written byTony Palermo
Original languageEnglish
SubjectBased on the 1946 film,
It's a Wonderful Life
produced and directed
by Frank Capra.
GenreChristmas fantasy drama
SettingBedford Falls


December 25, 2015
The recording was broadcast for 24 hours.


Character Actor(s)
George Bailey David McMahon
Clarence Andrew Cardy
Superintendent Redgie Gutshall
Mary Hatch Bailey Aaron DeCicco
Announcer Jason Woods
Mr. Potter Stan Mesnick
Uncle Billy David Horne
Harry Bailey Erik DeCicco
Sam Wainwright Brad Selvig
Pop Bailey Michael Parsons
Ma Bailey Carole Banks
Dr. Campbell Pete Peaver
Gower Michael Ray
Nick Jacob Comeau
Ernie Christian Lee
Bert Derrick Allen
Martini Vanessa Warner
Young George Victoria Relova
Petey Bailey Gadi Phillips
Janie Bailey Naomi Smith
Zuzu Bailey Lindsay Gillis
Cousin Tilly Geri Bass
Mrs. Hatch Gloria Ware
Toll-Taker Jason Collins
Charlie Jean Lijoi
Mrs. Davis Arlene Sylvester
Mrs. Thompson Karen Koster Burr
Mr. Welch Mike Khalil
Carter Al Emerick
Impatient Neighbor Maggie O'Connor
Sheriff Bob Miller
Bank Teller Jennifer Johnston
Randy Rhonda Fisher


Title Member(s)
Director Ray Hollister
Casting Director Michele Simkulet
Production Assistance Mary McIntyre, Gregory Todaro, Ben Freid, Christopher Lee, Shawn LeNoble

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