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About JaxPlays

What is JaxPlays?

JaxPlays is a growing database of past and present live theatre performances in Northeast Florida, featuring detailed information on productions, theaters and cast and crew lists.

Find out which local theatres are performing which productions, look at the cast lists to see who is in the latest productions, and see where they’ve performed before!

Why is JaxPlays?

JaxPlays’ mission is to preserve the history, promote the present and propel the future of live theatre in Northeast Florida.

JaxPlays’ vision is to build a comprehensive repository of information about every live theatre performance that has happened in Northeast Florida including:

  • cast and crew lists,
  • descriptions,
  • reviews, and
  • upcoming audition announcements.

Our ultimate goal is to expand beyond a mere repository of historical data, and become a hub for all things related to the thriving theatre scene in the region.

Stay tuned for updates on our efforts to provide a one-stop-shop for current and upcoming productions, ticket purchasing, reviews, and more!

Who is JaxPlays?

JaxPlays is currently owned and operated by Ray Hollister, but our vision is to create a community-driven platform that encourages collaboration and contributions from all theatre enthusiasts.

We welcome and value your input and expertise to help make JaxPlays a comprehensive and reliable resource for all things related to live theatre in Northeast Florida.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please visit my website and feel free to contact me on any of the platforms listed or email jaxplayswiki@gmail.com.

This project is maintained by Ray Hollister

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Disclaimer: JaxPlays leverages the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT for drafting articles and processing data. However, the human touch remains essential to us. Each piece is thoroughly reviewed, edited, and revised by our author to ensure it aligns with our standards and voice. We, at JaxPlays, take full responsibility for the content published on our platform.

We strive for accuracy in all our publications. If you spot an error or misrepresentation of facts, we urge you to contact us at jaxplayswiki@gmail.com. Your input helps us maintain the highest level of accuracy and continually improve the quality of our content.