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'The Savannah Sipping Society': A Toast to Sisterhood and Laughter at St. Marys Little Theatre

This weekend, the St. Marys Little Theatre came alive with the vibrant performance of The Savannah Sipping Society. The play, a heartwarming comedy, revolves around four Southern women who, through unexpected circumstances, form a bond that transcends their individual struggles and differences.

The ensemble cast, featuring Danya Zimbauer, Dr. Theresa Stanley, Tammy Bradley, Tori Ann Smith and Susan Langenbahn, delivered a delightful and hilarious performance that left the audience in high spirits. Danya Zimbauer’s portrayal of Randa Covington was nothing short of phenomenal. Zimbauer’s gravitas, physical humor, and comedic timing evoked a powerful combination of Jamie Lee Curtis and Carol Burnett, making her performance an absolute standout.

Dr. Theresa Stanley took on the role of Dot Haigler, a lovable and ditsy character who charmed the audience with her endearing naivety. Stanley’s performance was both heartwarming and amusing, earning her the audience’s affection.

Tori Ann Smith’s portrayal of Jinx Jenkins conveyed her commanding, motivational spirit while subtly revealing her character’s inner struggle with self-worth and inadequacy.

Tammy Bradley, as MarlaFaye Mosley, endeared herself to the audience with her captivating performance. While her character’s decisions may have been frustrating at times, Bradley’s portrayal made it impossible not to adore MarlaFaye.

In a brief yet unforgettable performance, Susan Langenbahn brought Grandmother Covington to life with impeccable comic timing and a delightful stage presence. Langenbahn’s portrayal was nothing short of hilarious, leaving the audience wanting more.

The Savannah Sipping Society at St. Marys Little Theatre was a testament to the power of friendship, resilience and laughter. The ensemble cast delivered an exceptional performance that left the audience not only entertained but also craving a cocktail to toast to the sisterhood portrayed on stage. Don’t miss this delightful, hilarious show that will lift your spirits and leave you with a warm feeling in your heart.

For more photos, the complete cast list and crew list and the link to buy tickets, visit The Savannah Sipping Society page on JaxPlays.