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The Triumph of Medicine


Character(s) Actor(s)
Mariette Aline Chase
Dr. Knock E.S. Beauchamp-Nobbs
Scipion Edith Bond Waas
Lady in Violet Ella Macklin
M. Mousquet Emil Zvirin
Second Lad Eric Parkes
John Fred Kemp
Town Crier Gordon McCauley
Dr. Parpalaid H.A. Schiff
First Lad Harry Lewis
Woman in Black June Ruggles
Mme. Parpalaid Merrydelle Hoyt
Mme. Remy Rose Baldwin
Mr. Bernard W.P. Douglas


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Tracy L'Engle
Lighting Martha Race
Set Design Merrydelle Hoyt
Costumes Gertrude F. Jacobi, Merrydelle Hoyt
Set construction Anne C. Lalor, Carolyn Marsh, Charlotte Bowden Perry

Cast: 14  Crew: 8  Total: 22