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The Torch Bearers


Character(s) Actor(s)
Mr. Huxley Hossefrosse Bart Nason
Mrs. Clara Shepard Birsa Shepard
Teddy Spearing Garner Hammond
Miss Florence McCrickett June Ruggles
Mrs. Paula Ritter Marguerite Chiasson
Jenny Olivia Holmberg
Mr. Frederick Ritter Philip Devlin
Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli Winifred Snowden
Mrs. Nelly Fell Edith Bond Waas
Mr. Ralph Twiller Zay Smith
Mr. Spindler E.S. Beauchamp-Nobbs
Stage Manager Howard Humphries


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Tracy L'Engle
Set Design and construction Zay Smith
Lighting L.B. Pratt, Martha Race
Set construction Karl Bardin, L.B. Pratt
Set painting Jean Marie Graves, Margaret Young, Tracy L'Engle, Virginia Fish
Props Carolyn Bisbee, Mrs. Grace

Cast: 12  Crew: 12  Total: 24