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The Butter and Egg Man


Character(s) Actor(s)
A.J. Patterson Allen Moreland
Fannie Lehman Charlotte Bowden Perry
Kittie Humphreys Charlotte Davis
Peggy Marlowe Cynthia Segraves
Mary Martin Dore' Beauchamp-Nobbs
Bonnie Sampson Eugene LeaMond
Jack McClure Joseph Byrnes
Oscar Fritchie Lawrence Case
Cecil Bonham Leon Bailey
Jane Weston Olive Rosenquist Barnard
Peter Jones Stokes Perry
Joe Lehman Nathan Shevitz
A Waiter Cleveland McKnight


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Winston Fowler
Stage Manager A.G. Bunch
Stage Carpenter Clark Overton
Stage Electrician Cliffard Lowe
Props Mrs. Holden Blackwell
Grip Billy Chapman, Mirvin Ramsdell

Cast: 13  Crew: 7  Total: 20