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The Littlest Rebel


Character(s) Actor(s)
Lt. Col. Morrison Allen Moreland
Virgie Barbara Mason
Collins Blaine Snyder
Soldier Clyde Harris, George Weeks, Robert Bennett, Rodbard Horne, Sam Christian
Corp. Dudley Gordon Crowley
Jeems Henry Harold Mills
Sgt. Dudley Harry Lewis
Sally Ann Helen Steele
Courier John Salzer
Uncle Billy Maurice Perkins
Harry O'Connell Nathan Mallison
Lt. Harris Neal Tyler, Jr.
The General Robert Demorest, Jr.
Capt. Herbert Cary Stokes Perry
Mrs. Cary Susan McNeill
Forbes Tyler Carpenter


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Censa Galetti
Prop Assistant Louise Bowden
Props Marion Hendry
Staging Mary Courtney, Mrs. R.H.H. Blackwell

Cast: 20  Crew: 5  Total: 25