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The Bishop Misbehaves


Character(s) Actor(s)
Collins H.V. Rocco
Donald Meadows Will Shapiro
Frenchy Neal Tyler, Jr.
Guy Waller Martin Sack
Hester Grantham Mary Keen
Lady Emily Lyons Winifred Snowden
Mr. Brooke David B. Comer, 3rd
Mrs. Waller Mildred McDougal
Red Eagan E.S. Beauchamp-Nobbs
The Bishop of Broadminster Slocum Ball


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Huron L. Blyden
Lighting H.E. DeFlorin
Props Maxine Swisher
Set Design Mrs. R.H.H. Blackwell
Setting Assistant Grace Martin, Herbert Swisher, Mary Courtney, Ralph W. Cooper, Jr., Stokes Perry

Cast: 10  Crew: 9  Total: 19