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The Women


Character(s) Actor(s)
A Debutante Elise Clarke
A Dowager Ola Don Etter
A Fitter Marie Williams
A Girl in Distress Aileen Clark
A Mud-Mask Eleanor Macclinchey
Cigarettes Betty Hulett
Corset Model Susie McRae
Countess de Lage Mildred Smith
Crystal Allen Mildred Gay
Edith Eleonor Edwards
Euphie Elsie Austin
Exercise Instructress Aletha Masters
First Cutie Nadine Ward
First Hairdresser Jean Runyon
First Model Janice Martin
First Salesgirl Harriet Foster
First Woman Lois Virginia Hopwood
Head Saleswoman Mary Bell
Helene Irene Constant
Jane Irma Stockwell
Little Mary Barbara Mason
Lucy Faith Hendren
Maggie, the cook Elizabeth Howland Foster
Mary Dorothy Lupfer
Miriam Aarons Flonnie Anders
Miss Trimmerback Mary Meischner
Miss Watts Vivian Marshall
Mrs. Morehead Elizabeth Hulett
Mrs. Wagstaff Nina Bratton
Nancy Blake Nellilew Quay
Negligee Model Dorothy Colmery
Olga Patty Frederick
Pedicurist Caroline Simpson
Peggy Muriel Berry
Princess Tamara Virginia Myerson
Sadie Matilda Shane
Second Cutie Janis Frazier
Second Saleswoman Kathryn Smith
Second Woman Goldie Alexander
SecondSalesgirl Julia Penn
Sylvia Jewett Ashley

Cast: 41  Crew: 25  Total: 66