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Personal Appearance


Character(s) Actor(s)
Aunt Kate Barnaby Eve Sayles
Carole Arden Ruth Mathews, Carole Arden in person
Chester Norton Jack Cummins
Clyde Pelton Edward Glenn
Gene Tuttle William Schosser
Gladys Kelcey Wanda Hendrix
Jessie Rose Marie Schosser
Joyce Struthers Anne Katherine Ferm
Mrs. Struthers Jewett Ashley
Johnson Lewis Hester


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Marcella Cisney
Stage Manager Rose Marie Schosser
Lighting Alice Nunn, Mary Dee Larter, Robert Saunders
Carpentry Charles Irish, Lyon Cowart
Make-up Dorothea Duggan, Elizabeth Miller, Irma Stockwell
Assembly Barbara Horne, Frances Wallis, Irma Stockwell, Shirley Davidson
Properties Elsie Behner
Property Assistant Laura Saunders, Mary Garcia
Wardrobe Mistress Laura Saunders, Mrs. T.H. Tennent
Painting Lyon Cowart, Marjorie Smith, Mary Garcia, Mary Knight
Staging Chairman Elmo Lehman
Program and Publicity Marcella Cisney
Sound Susan McRae, Van Norman
Master of Ceremonies William Schosser
Program Advertising William Schosser

Cast: 11  Crew: 29  Total: 40