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Love Rides the Rails


Character(s) Actor(s)
Beulah Belle Joy Coleman
Can-Can Girl Bernice Moines, Claire Poe, Gloria Monies, Kay Norton, Nell Wilmot, Reggie Gaddis
Carlotta Cortez Jerry New
Chief Peanut Vendor Dorothy Lupfer
Constable Robert Thornell
Dan the Bartender David Jackson
Dirk Sneath Billy Reed
Fifi Gloria Monies
Fred Wheelwright Robert Dreher
Harold Stanfast Thomas Hodge
Newsboy Shorty Wagner
Prudence Hopewell Marguerite Phillips
Railroad Men Bryant Simms, Earl Howard, Howard Dinstbiy, Jack Atkinson, John Hand, Laurence Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Stark Heriot, Walter Brown
Simon Darkway William Schosser
Singer Alice Nunn
The Widow Hopewell Irma Stockwell
Trueman Pendennis Clarence Turner


Role Musician(s)
Piano William Pearce

Cast: 30  Crew: 21  Orchestra: 1  Total: 52