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The Tavern


Character(s) Actor(s)
The Attendant Bernie Adams
The Fiance Eugene Sayre
The Governor Karl G. Knoche
The Governor's Daughter Midge Veal
The Governor's Wife Elizabeth Knoche
The Hired Girl Vivienne Alwyn-Becker
The Hired Man Paul Oxford
The Sheriff Henry Milstrey
The Sheriff's Man Albert Fowler, Jr., Harold Piper, Merrill Fouts, Jr.
The Tavern Keeper Harry Talbert
The Tavern Keeper's Son Sven Koller
The Vagabond Carl Caudill
The Woman Alma Jones


Title(s) Member(s)
Assistant Stage Manager June Milstrey
Director L. Bramer Carlson
Lighting controls Betty Ames, Mary Garcia
Make-up Alma Jones, Bernice Smith, Beverly Adams, Elmo Lehman, Thelma Witten
Properties Blanche Baggett, Emily James, Helen Kriebs, Ruth Hawkins
Scene painting and construction Betty Ames, Curly Elmore, David Salter, Eugene Sayre, Gail Hopkins, Hal Kriebs, Harriet Warner, John Temple Gilmer, Joyce Hall, Mary Garcia, Morty Turbow
Set and Lighting Design Duke LeBrun
Sound Effects Audrey Forbes
Stage Manager Velma Henning
Wardrobe Ruth Lawtion

Cast: 15  Crew: 28  Total: 43