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The Willow and I


Character(s) Actor(s)
Bailey George Buchanan, Jr.
Bessie Sutro Grace E. Miles
Dr. Oliver V.A. Norman
Dr. Trubee Sven Koller
Duke Todd Freddie Milton
Mabel Maxine Browning
Mara Sutro Marion Albinson Conner
Millie Sutro Jewett Ashley
Robin & Kirkland Todd James S. Wigg
Theodore Sutro Major J. Reiser
Tinny Julia C. Tyler


Title(s) Member(s)
Assistant Stage Manager Florence Wigg
Curtain George Buchanan, Sr.
Director L. Bramer Carlson
Lighting controls Mickey Mills, Su Hawkins
Make-up Beverly Adams, Elmo Lehman, Elsie Foreman, Milton Rehberg
Portrait of Mrs. Conner Jay Harder
Properties Anne Anderson, Carole Henning, Irma Leipold, June Stoy, Pat Ray, Peggy Pate, Ruth Buell, Suzanne Kahr, Velma Henning
Properties Chairman Elsie Foreman
Scene painting and construction Bob Booker, C. Eugene Sayre, Carole Henning, Harriet Warner, Nina Branch, Pat Wilson, Suzanne Kahr, Vonnie Patton
Set and Lighting Design Duke LeBrun
Sound Effects John Leipold, Walker Anderson
Stage Manager Nina Branch
Wardrobe Jean Edwards, Madge Knab, Mary Davis, Pearl Lewis, Vesta Leslie, Vonnie Patton
Wardrobe Chairman Janelle Gilmer

Cast: 11  Crew: 39  Total: 50