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The Barker


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Paul E. Geisenhof
Stage Manager Nina Branch
Assistant Stage Manager Eula Mae Snow, Lucile Logan
Set Design Duke LeBrun
Lighting controls Natalie Clarke
Construction and Staging A.P. Simpson, Donald Wright, Edward Keisling, Karen O'Shaughnessy, Vonnie Patton
Make-up assistant Alice Ahern, Barbara Bassett, Betty Jane Mizelle, Elmo Lehman, Louise Elkins, Mickey Meischner, Mrs. Budd Porter
Costume Assistant June Stoy, Karen O'Shaughnessy, Laurel Barton, Mrs. Lewis Marks
Property Assistant Margaret Lafferty, Margie Atlas
Show-front Poster Design Jay Harder
Theatre Posters Martha Lockard


Role Musician(s)
Steel Guitar Barbara Johnson, Mrs. Lucille Hodgson
String Bass Beverly Hunt
Spanish Guitar Bill Fields
Accordian Jack Long

Cast: 25  Crew: 26  Orchestra: 5  Total: 56