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Character(s) Actor(s)
A Girl Helen Giles
Bessie Clary Pat Beckford
Danny Dorgan James Webster, Jr.
Mark McPherson Hobson Blackmon
Mrs. Dorgan Pat Milam
Olsen George Linville
Shelby Carpenter Bob Green
Waldo Lydecker Jay Harder


Title(s) Member(s)
Assistant Director Margaret Lafferty
Director Paul E. Geisenhof
Electrician Walter Quattlebaum
Light Controls Su Hawkins
Make-up Assistant Brilla Snead, Jane Porter, Bill Gibbs, Arden Milam, Joyce Lund
Make-up Chairman Peggy Gift
Properties Assistant Claire Parks, Karen O'Shaughnessy, Brilla Snead, Anne Russell
Properties Chairman Elmo Lehman
Scene Construction Larry Zell, Laurel Barton, Starke Heriot, Walter Quattlebaum, L.J. Gift, Howard Clarke, Leonard Mosby, Ann Russell, Bill Gibbs, Arden Milam, Su Hawkins
Set Design A. Eugene Cellar
Setting and Technical Direction Pete House
Sound and Music Budd Porter
Stage Manager Larry Zell
Wardrobe Chairman Ophelia Bingham

Cast: 8  Crew: 31  Total: 39