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A Man for All Seasons


Character(s) Actor(s)
The Common Man Robert Zienta
Sir Thomas More Jack Masters
Master Richard Rich Hal Henderson
The Duke of Norfolk Ernest Goldsmith
Lady Alice More Evelyn Nehl
Lady Margaret More Rita Ballard
Cardinal Wolsey Ed Heist, Jr.
Thomas Cromwell Phil Meunier
Signor Chapuys Bill Petry
Chapuys' Attendant Pete Peterson
William Roper Doug Thomas
King Henry the Eigth Wayne Wofford
A Woman Margaret Winstead
Thomas Cramner Nelson Mashour


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Robert Knowles
Technical Director Ham Waddell
Stage Manager Terry McIntire
Assistant Stage Manager Pru Eatman
Lighting Don DuClose
Sound Roberta Quattlebaum, Lloyd Jeffords
Properties Katie Raven, Vivienne Winemiller
Make-up Marshall Grauer
Set Construction Lloyd Jeffords, Jim McCarty, Rhoda Betterton, Karen Wakefield, Jonnie Blount
Stage Crew Jim McCarty, Ken Moody
Publicity Diane Somerville
Box Office Ann Dubow

Cast: 14  Crew: 19  Total: 33