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Babes In Arms


Character(s) Actor(s)
The Press Agent Tom Young
Terry Thompson Shirley Lightbody
Gus Field Gil Gimbel
Valentine White Pete Peterson
Susie Ward Harriet McPherson
Seymour Fleming Bob Lentz
Bunny Byron Anita Mengedoth
Lee Calhoun Jess Barnett
Jennifer Owen Kathy Loew
Phyllis Owen LeNore Hart
Steve Edwards Gerry House
Apprentice of the Surf and Sand Playhouse Nan Coyle, Libby Crabtree, Roslyn Dunn, Carol Pettit, Susan Shashy, Connie Wesson, Ginger Willaims, Tom Corbett, G. Wendell Hurt, Michael Ryan, Steve Winemiller


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Robert Knowles
Musical Director Rosalind MacEnulty
Scene Design Hal Henderson
Choreographer Buddy Sherwood
Stage Manager Doug Thomas
Assistant Stage Manager Marcia Patch
Lighting Design Kelly Hart
Lighting Technician Phyllis Ryan, David West
Set Construction Brian Cooke, Nellie Coyle, Roy Coyle, Dwight Stillson, David Stillson, Mary Ellen Wofford
Properties Mary Ellen Wofford, Terra Allen, Madge Bruner, Wanda Newell
Stage Crew Brian Cooke, Roy Coyle, Ernie Mastroianni, Dwight Stillson, David Stillson
Costumes Gert Berman, Mary Coyle
Publicity Diane Somerville
Show Sign Patrick Brodus
Box Office Ann Dubow, Gert Berman, Pat Somers

Cast: 22  Crew: 31  Total: 53