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Done To Death


Character(s) Actor(s)
Whitney Olive Jim Pearce
Jessica Olive Jacquie Tracy
Mildred Z. Maxwell Susan Rich Carcaba
Bradley Bruce Benedict Ron Malcolm
Rodney Duckton Warren Grymes, Sr.
Jason Summers Mark Snitzer
George and Gregory Rob Miller
Man and Monster Mario Sgroia
Martha, Girl, Stephanie and Secretary Myra Mason
Jane Melody Gilbert Wollemann


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Robert Arleigh White
Lighting Design Kelly Hart
Scenery Design Hal D. Henderson
Technical Director Hal D. Henderson
Lighting Director Kelly Hart
Stage Manager Galen Toole
Lighting Operator Bobbie Stillson
Sound Operator Gloria Pepe
Costume Coordinator Donna Hughes
Properties Heather Lovern
Stage Crew Craig Kassan, Don Peterson, David Stillson, Mark Thomas
Set Construction Nonie Ashley, Juan Carcaba, Eddie Frederick, Shyla Henderson, Craig Kassen, Marilyn Kochan, Heather Lovern, Libby Maxwell, Gloria Pepe, Don Peterson, Dereck Peterson, Hal Peterson, Linda Romero, David Stillson, Mark Thomas

Cast: 10  Crew: 29  Total: 39