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The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Character(s) Actor(s)
John Jasper Richard Cunningham
Edwin Drood Cecilia Cristol
Rosa Bud Emily Swallow
Wendy Cassia Brunner
Beatrice Amy Tickel
Helena Landless Cristina Williams
Neville Landless Todd Baker
The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle Karl Rogers
The Princess Puffer Kathy Biddle
Durdles C. Michael Porter
Deputy Brandon Bales
Shade of Drood, Satyr Statue Frank M. Cobb
Waiter, Bazzard Andrew Adams
Maid Joy Conklin
Horace Christopher Farrell
Townsperson Carey Malloy, Paddy Heusinger, Eric Kevin Platon, Christine DuMars, Brook Ratti, Joy Conklin, Christopher Farrell, Jonathan Rand, Frank M. Cobb


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Robert Arleigh White
Musical Director Ellen Milligan
Scenic and Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Choreographer Michelle Ottley
Stage Manager and Barkeep Orlando Rodriguez
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Percussionist Tony Steve
Stage Manager Elaine Gantz
Assistant Stage Manager Carmen Chronister
Lighting Technician Gloria Pepe, Andrea Chaknis
Master Electrician Jamie Wright
Production Support Michael Lipp
Sound Design and Board Operation Scott Hooks
Properties Mistress Carmen Chronister
Costumer Dorinda Grogan, Maureen Trosterstude
Costume Crew Nitza Cochran, Andra Smith, Joy Smith
Hair and Make-up Bruce Musser, Dean Pickett, Heather Frederickson
Grip Pam Cashmere, Cathy Woods, Alexis Anthony, Karen Murphee, Karen Jones, Cathy Duncan
Painting Jasmin Pahlivonovic
Fly Captain Craig Kassan, Jamie Wright, Stave Metheny
Construction Alexis Anthony, Pam Cashmere, Gloria Pepe, Mike Huffman, Manuel Bello, Jon Bennett, Cathy Woods, Karen Murphee, Mike Manke, Justin Molotzac, Cathy Duncan
Dresser Kay Gowan, Kim Schanze
Cultural Consultant Isabelle Mihalakis
Program Cover Art and Graphics Support Rorrie Brown
Volunteer Coordinator Lovelle MacLean

Cast: 24  Crew: 49  Total: 73