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Once on This Island


Character(s) Actor(s)
Mama Euralie Suzette LaVetta Wynn
Tonton Julian James Wright
Ti Moune Latricia L. Allen
Daniel Beauxhommes Frank M. Cobb
Armand Beauxhommes David Abraham
Andrea Shawna Beth Rea
Papa Ge Adonis D. Boyd
Asaka Felicia A. Walton
Agwe Rahmon K. Johnson
Erzulie Sarah E. Sanders
Little Ti Moune Chanel Clemmons
Gatekeeper Orlando Rodriguez
Dancers Harold Abrams, Robin DeLeon, Jarra Kellom, Marjorie Oliver, Maya Rebedda Marie Stewart


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Noble Lee Lester
Musical Director Cathy Murphy
Choreographer Michelle Ottley
Scenic and Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Assistant Technical Director R. W. Skipper
Costume Design Joy Smith
Hair and Make-up Bruce Barrett Musser
Properties Management Amanda Jane McConnell
Properties Assistant Cathy Wood, Karen Murphree
Sound Technician Kenneth E. Walker
Lighting Technician Gloria Pepe
Follow Spot Operator Jon Bennett, Mary Swanson
Fly Grip Deon Young
Set Construction Manuel Bello, Jon Bennett, Karen Murphree, Gloria Pepe, Mary Swanson, Cathy Wood, Jamie Wright, Deon Young
Stage Manager Marie C. Cook
Graphic and Artistic Support Melissa Russell


Role Musician(s)
Band Leader Laura Peden
Piano Conductor Laura Peden
Percussionist Dr. Carl Leopold Reiss
Flute Clint Weinberg
Bass Paul Creel
Keyboards Brian Meissenburg

Cast: 17  Crew: 26  Orchestra: 6  Total: 49