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Woman In Mind


Character(s) Actor(s)
Susan Holly Gutshall
Bill Maury Covington
Gerald Leigh Montanye
Muriel Cristina Williams
Rick David Caldwell
Andy Glen Simoneaux
Tony Pete Kiely
Lucy Lisa Fairbrother


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Donna Zell
Scenic and Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Assistant to the Director Chad Royal-Pascoe
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Soun Design Scott Hooks
Stage Manager Chad Royal-Pascoe
Properties Mistress Elaine Gantz
Properties Jennifer Lewis
Costumes Julie Gump
Lighting Technician Gloria Pepe
Sound Technician Kathy Wood, Mysty Roberson
Construction Gloria Pepe, Manuel Bello, James Wright, Mysty Roberson, James Newman
Volunteer Coordinator Lovelle MacLean
Graphic Support Alan Abraham

Cast: 8  Crew: 19  Total: 27