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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying


Character(s) Actor(s)
J. Pierrepont Finch Ben Byrd
Mr. Gatch Dave Gowan
Rosemary Jennifer Criswell
J.B. Biggely Robert M. Wilson
Mr. Bratt Michael Lipp
Smitty Courtney Elfikri
Bud Frump Hollis (Gene) Smith
Miss Krumholtz Trish Strain
Security Guard Ronnie Dickson
Miss Jones Kathy Ann Blair
Mr. Twimble Tom Nehl
Hedy LaRue Jennifer McCombes
Scrubwoman Jacinda Frantz, Laura Moss
Mr. Ovington Glenn Simoneaux
Mr. Womper Tom Nehl
Mr. Johnson Ben Bennett
Mr. Jenkins Chris Farrell
Mr. Tackaberry Shawn LeNoble
Mr. Peterson Jason Picus
Mr. Ferguson Robert Silva
Mr. Toynbee Aaron Staton
Secretary Pool Joy Beth Conklin, Christine DuMars, Jacinda Frantz, Sarah French, Laura Moss


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Robert Arleigh White
Music Director Laura Peden
Technical Director Andrew Way
Scenic and Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Choreographer Heidi Picus
Stage Manager Jonathan P. Bennett
Assistant Technical Director James Wright
Costume Design Joy Smith
Assistant Costumer Andra Smith
Dresser Rachael Hanberry, Valerie Howard
Hair and Make-up Bruce Barrett Musser
Properties Cathy Wood, Mary Swanson
Properties Assistant Elaine Gantz, Valerie Howard, Karen Murphree, Rachael Hanberry, T.J. Pietro, Ashira Brook, Erin Maas, Cathi Greenwood, Cathy Duncan, Chris Mead, Claudia Wright, Mike Musgrove
Specialty Pieces Jamie Vaughn
Specialty Piece Assistant Natalie McCray, Robert Cruz
Sound Support Landon Walker
Voice-Overs Rob Thomas
Sound Technician Lee Hanberry
Lighting Technician Gloria Pepe
Follow Spot Operator Lee Hanberry, Gloria Pepe
Fly Grip Deon Young, Chris Mead
Set Construction Johnathan P. Bennett, Mary Swanson, Cathy Wood, Karen Murphree, Cathi Greenwood, Manuel Bello, Deon Young, Gloria Pepe, James Wright
Graphic Design Melissa Russell


Role Musician(s)
Orchestra Conductor Laura Peden
Flute Clint Weinberg
Bass Jared May
Percussionist Richard Gown
Piano Laura Peden

Cast: 27  Crew: 47  Orchestra: 5  Total: 79