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Jesus Christ Superstar

About the show:

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a groundbreaking and iconic sung-through rock opera that debuted in the early 1970s, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. This audacious musical takes a unique approach to the story of Jesus Christ, focusing on the final week of his life and portraying it through a contemporary lens. The narrative pivots around the complex relationships between Jesus, Judas Iscariot, and Mary Magdalene, while also reflecting on the societal and political tensions of the time.

The show is renowned for its dynamic score, which seamlessly blends rock music with classical elements, and for its thought-provoking exploration of faith, sacrifice, and humanity. “Jesus Christ Superstar” is characterized by its emotional depth and dramatic intensity, with memorable numbers such as “I Don’t Know How to Love Him,” “Superstar,” and “Gethsemane.” Despite its religious underpinnings, the musical has universal appeal due to its exploration of universal themes and its innovative interpretation of one of history’s most significant narratives.

About this production:


Title(s) Member(s)
Producer Justin Murphy
Executive Producers Robert Whitmire, Justin Murphy, Nick Simonic
Director Michelle Ottley-Fisher
Music Director Cathy T. Murphy
Assistant Director Adonis Boyd
Choreographer Michelle Ottley-Fisher
Arranger Roger Butterley
Stage Manager Tod Booth Jr.
Lighting Design Megan Elsila, Johnny Pettigrew
Set Design Robert Murphy, Justin Murphy
Sound Engineer Rick Painter
Microphones Glenn Wilkes
Costume Design Justin Murphy, Nitza Cochran
Costume Assistant Kimberlee Klock
Seamstresses / Costume Crew Karen Dahlin, Jeanine Thompson, Dora Ramos, Luan Brown
Prop Mistress Christie Corrigan
Prop Assistant Ashley Delegal
Advertising Sales Allison Graham-Smith
Fitness Trainers Joe Sheenan, Jerry Palmieri
Technical Henry Bordeaux, Matt Bennett, Wade Thigpen, Kyle Ronan
Additional Backstage Sandy Sprague, Traci Chambers


Role Musician(s)
Conductor Roger Butterley
Lead Guitar Michael Bennick
Rhythm Guitar Darin Peckham
Bass Guitar Sean Tarleton
Drums Tom Haller
Keyboard 1 Cathy Murphy
Keyboard 2/Organ Scott Giddens
Trumpet 1 Marvin Ferebe
Trumpet 2 Mike Spotswood
Trumpet 3 Jim Morey
Trombone Robert Harrover
Flute/Piccolo Stephenie Grunik
Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone Juan Rollan
Violin 1 Brian Griffin
Violin 2 Mary K Haas
Viola Helen Carter
Cello Ron Coleman
Percussion Greg Isabelle

Cast: 43  Crew: 34  Orchestra: 18  Total: 95