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Romeo and Juliet


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Robert Arleigh White
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Assistant to the Director Valerie Howard, Laura Moss
Performance Coach Jan Kathryn Wikstrom
Choreographer Michelle Ottley-Fisher
Fight Master Jessica Pillmore
Assistant Technical Director James Wright
Stage Manager Billie Perry-Esler
Assistant Stage Manager Mary Swanson
Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Set Construction Manuel Bello, Jon Bennett, Joe Black, Melane Cobourne, Norman Covert, Jenny McCharen, Laurie Melnick, Dale Penland, Sarah Penland, Gloria Pepe, Mary Swanson, Armando Versace, Krista Waters, Tad Wiggins, Claudia Wright
Banners Rick O'Shea
Banner Treatments Robert Cox
Master Electrician Dan Robillard
Scenic Design Andrew J. Way
Sound Design Robert Arleigh White
Sound Design Technician Landon Walker
Production Sound Design Andrew Douglas
Costume Design Stephanie Mathis
Costume Construction Stephanie Mathis, Nitza Cochran, Joy Smith
Wig Construction, and Hair and Make-up Design Bruce Musser
Properties Mistress Amanda Jane Schade
Properties Assistant Bruce Musser, Jennifer Revenaugh, Robert Arleigh White
Deck Crew Joe Black, Erin Maas, Laurie Melnick, Tad Wiggins, Claudia Wright
Lighting Technician Jon Bennett, Gloria Pepe
Graphic Design Melissa Russell
Study Guide Jackie Jones
Educational Support Services Nyna Kaminer
Marketing and Development Julia Preston
Box Office Services Cherri Stratton
Project Coordinator Robert Arleigh White, Cheryl Riddick, Sheri Thomas, Jackie Butcher
Mascot Charlotte Fisher

Cast: 37  Crew: 59  Total: 96