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Character(s) Actor(s)


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Jackie Jones
Production Design Andrew J. Way
Choreographer Michelle Ottley-Fisher
Musical Director Cathy Murphy
Stage Manager Karl A. Rogers
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Assistant Technical Director James Wright
Construction Crew Jon Bennett, Gloria Pepe, Claudia Wright, Mary Swanson, Gloria Pepe
Costume Design Joy Smith
Properties Acquisition and Management Amanda Jane Schade
Properties Crew Bethany Bailey, Jessica Karpf, T.J. Pietro, Claudia Wright, Mary Swanson
Graphic and Artistic Support Melissa Russell


Role Musician(s)
Piano & Band Leader Laura Peden
Percussionist Phil Marino
Guitar Stephen Flakus

Crew: 20  Orchestra: 3  Total: 23