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A Doll's House


Character(s) Actor(s)
Nora Helmer Jan Granger Wikstrom
Thorvald Helmer Bob Pritchard
Kristine Linde Sandra S. Spurney
Nils Krogstad Gregory Leute
Dr. Rank Leonard Alterman
The Nanny Carmen Jones
The Messenger David McFadden
Child Michael Mayo, Joshua Palmer


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Dr. Lee Beger
Scenic and Lighting Design Andrew J. Way
Project Coordinator Bruce Barrett Musser
Costume Design Joy Smith
Assistant to the Director Christie Kennedy Clark, Virginia E. Dana
Technical Director Andrew J. Way
Choreographer Michelle Ottley-Fisher
Stage Carpenter James Wright
Furnishings and Dressings Bruce Barrett Musser
Specialty Painting Jasmin Pehlivanovic
Specialty Construction Manuel Bello
Costume Assistant Kerry Kostewic, Andra Smith
Hair and Make-up Bruce Barrett Musser
Properties Mistress Ashley Blake Delegal
Properties Assistant Tiffany Baker, Deon Young
Sound Design Robert Arleigh White
Sound Technician Claudia Wright
Lighting Technician Gloria Pepe
Set Construction Manuel Bello, Jon Bennett, Gloria Pepe, Mary Swanson, Claudia Wright
Graphic Design Melissa Russell, Robert Arleigh White

Cast: 9  Crew: 28  Total: 37