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All My Sons


Character(s) Actor(s)
Joe Keller Roger Lowe
Kate Keller Holly Gutshall
Chris Keller Jack Wallace
Ann Deever Deborah Tyre
George Deever David Gile
Dr. Jim Bayliss Mark Wright
Sue Bayliss Staci Cobb
Frank Lubey Wes Nielsen
Lydia Lubey Shelly Hughes
Bert Carrison Hager


Title(s) Member(s)
Director George Ballis
Technical Direcor Jeffery L. Wagoner
Scenic Design Kelly J. Wagoner
Lighting Design Jeffery L. Wagoner
Costumes Audrey Wagner
Stage Manager Michelle Simkulet
Assistant Technical Director Peter van Vliet
Assistant Stage Manager Amy Harrell
Assistant to the Director Sally Bales
Poster and Program Art Juan Unzueta
Set Dressings Kelly J. Wagoner
Prop Mistress Carole Ficheria
Hair and Make-up Design Tracy Olin
Sound Consultant Trey Harrell, Shawn LeNoble
Light Board Operation Gloria Pepe
Sound Board Operator Michelle Simkulet
Set Construction Kelly J. Wagoner

Cast: 10  Crew: 18  Total: 28