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Pack of Lies


Character(s) Actor(s)
Bob Jackson Geoffrey King
Barbara Jackson Dawn Button
Julie Jackson Kristin Alexander
Helen Kroger Amy Noel Johnson
Peter Kroger Kenny Logsdon
Stewart Terence Wolfe
Thelma Chanel Martin
Sally Jennifer Barrett


Title(s) Member(s)
Directors Jean Tait, Shirley Sacks
Technical Direcor Jeffery L. Wagoner
Scenic Design Kelly J. Wagoner
Lighting Design Jeffery L. Wagoner
Costume Design Sally Pettegrew
Hair and Make-up Design Tracy Olin
Stage Manager Sara Green
Assistant Stage Manager Megan Branch
Sound Design Jean Tait
Properties Kristin Alexander, Sara Green, Kelly J. Wagoner
Assistant Technical Director Daniel Dungan
Poster Design Caryl Butterley
Light Board Operation Gloria Pepe
Sound Board Operator Sara Green
Running Crew Megan Branch, Greg Odenwald
Set Construction Dawn Button, Chanel Martin, Gloria Pepe, Terence Wolfe

Cast: 8  Crew: 23  Total: 31