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The Whale

β€œAt six hundred pounds, Charlie has hidden himself away in his small apartment. Isolated and hungering for redemption, he desperately tries to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter before it’s too late. As he eats his way into oblivion, his life intersects with a lonely nurse and a mysterious young Mormon missionary, all of whom seek grace and human connection – and discover that beauty and kindness come in unexpected forms.” - The 5 & Dime Theatre Co. - Posts


Character(s) Actor(s)
Charlie Bill Ratliff
Liz Alix Bond
Ellie Olivia Rose Bacon
Elder Thomas Preston Pittman
Mary Staci Grant


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Juan Unzueta
Assistant Director Josh Waller
Stage Manager Abigail Saenz
Props Maggie O'Connor, Pat Gorman
Set Design Tom Fallon
Lighting Design Jim Wiggins

Cast: 5  Crew: 7  Total: 12