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Lessons We Were Never Taught

Written and performed by Nikesha Elise Williams, and directed by Barbara Colaciello, this one-woman show will use poetic exploration to delve deep into topics on life, on love, and on healing.

The selected pieces in the performance, and the larger body of work as a whole, are named for the great storytellers and truth tellers of past and present generations. From Shange to Baldwin, Hughes to Angelou, LESSONS WE WERE NEVER TAUGHT, is intentional in its nod to history to set the stage for a future full of the stories that deserve to be passed down, the pain still in need of reconciliation, and the lessons we may have never been taught, but have learned along the way.โ€ โ€” LESSONS WE WERE NEVER TAUGHT โ€” Nikesha Elise Williams ยท Writes


Character(s) Actor(s)
Herself Nikesha Elise Williams


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Barbara Colaciello

Cast: 1  Crew: 1  Total: 2