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Radio Golf

“The story of a man and a community at the crossroads. What is the price of success and what must be done to achieve it? What is the cost of progress and what is lost along the way? The great August Wilson’s final story in his epic 10-play cycle of the African American experience in the 20th Century.” — Radio Golf - ABET All Beaches Experimental Theatre


Character(s) Actor(s)
Harmond Wilks James F. Webb III
Mame Wilks Danielle Reliford
Old Joe Eugene Lindsey
Sterling Anthawn Ingram
Roosevelt Rahman Johnson


Title(s) Member(s)
Director David Girard
Stage Manager Cynthia Riegler
Dramaturge Ramona Ramdeen
Set Design David Girard, Claire Cimino
Set Dressing / Props Claire Cimino
Lighting Design Bryan Frank
Scenic Artist Meganne Johnson
Light and Sound Operator Sabine Larsen
Stagehand Hunter Steinke
Set Construction Tom Barr, Brian Johnson, Meganne Johnson, George Kruer, Patrick Wilson
Graphic Designer / PR Photographer Caryl Butterley
Production Photographer Susan J Roche
Window Cling Designer Shepherd
Program Celia Frank, Dagher Printing
Opening Night Reception Theresa Rookey, Audrey Dearborn, Walter Krupinski, Ken Rookey, Susan Cathcart, Karen Lahey, Jodi Moore

Cast: 5  Crew: 27  Total: 32