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Romeo & Juliet

The timeless Shakespearean classic is presented by an all-female cast.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Romeo Erica Villanueva
Lord Montague Virginia Mills-Barfield
Lady Montague Felecia Ewing
Benvolio Amanda Stein
Abram Harlow
Balthasar Clara
Juliet Kristen Walsh
Lord Capulet Rhodie Jackson
Lady Capulet Erin Barnes
Nurse Harolyn Sharpe
Peter Jennifer Barrett
Tybalt Audrey Antce
Sampson Julia Fallon
Gregory Arelis Resto
Roseline Victoria Pregent
Princess Toni Philips
Paris Anne Karch
Sister John Anne Karch
Page Daaryl
Prioress Laurence Erin Searcy
Mercutio Kate Busselle
Apothecary Jennifer Barrett
Officer Victoria Pregent


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Amy Canning Love
Assistant Director Ashley Jones
Violence and Intimacy Designer Kate Busselle

Cast: 23  Crew: 3  Total: 26