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Matilda the Musical

“Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical” is a Tony Award-winning stage adaptation of the beloved children’s book by Roald Dahl. The musical tells the story of a young girl named Matilda Wormwood, who is a gifted but mistreated child with extraordinary powers of telekinesis. Despite facing a series of challenges, including her neglectful parents and the tyrannical headmistress Miss Trunchbull, Matilda perseveres and discovers the true value of friendship, courage, and standing up for what’s right. With an energetic and catchy score by Tim Minchin and a whimsical and magical set design, “Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical” is a joyous celebration of childhood imagination and the power of individuality. The show has received critical acclaim for its witty script, dynamic choreography, and heartwarming message, making it a must-see for audiences of all ages.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Matilda Wormwood Amanda Powell
Miss Agatha Trunchbull Courtney Russell, Sam Cobean
Miss Honey Haley Vonnoh
Mr. Wormwood Jimmy Kalista
Mrs. Wormwood Alexandra Carroll
Michael Wormwood Christian Stocks
Bruce Julia Taylor
Lavender Isabella Homans
Mrs. Phelps Denise C. Oravec
Doctor/The Escapologist Jimmy Galaviz
Rudolpho Carlos Chavez-Tafur
Children’s Entertainer Scott Kessler
Kid Ensemble Nora Costrino, Demee Mason, Camille Santana, Carlee Sawyers, Hazlee Kate Spivey, Madilyn Yoder
Ensemble Bailey Schram, Chambers Waller, Carson Weeks, Ruby Weeks, Hannah Weller, Allison Williams, Lila Zaccaro

Cast: 26  Total: 26