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Southern Fried Funeral

“Southern Fried Funeral is a wonderfully witty play that is fairly redolent of magnolia blossoms and a pot liquor seasoned by family rivalries and long-held regrets and recriminations. In short, it’s just like walking into your mama’s house again (if you’re southern), the memories washing over you like so much Delta-borne humidity, to pick up a tall glass all sweaty from the melting ice inside the sweetened tea. If you were not born in the south by the grace of God, you will find this rollicking show proving that the south (just as you thought) is different–funny different. Very funny-different! Laughter throughout.” — St. Marys Little Theatre


Character(s) Actor(s)
Martha Ann Brandy Champeau
Benny Charles Greenwood Carlos Semidei
Beecham Lefette Dave Mccune
Harlen Frye Debra Parsons
Dub Frye George Tweedy
Fairy June Cooper Gloria Hurley
Dewey Frye Jr. Joshua Champeau, Samantha Champeau
Atticus Van Leer Ken Johnson
Sammy Jo Frye-Lefette Kristin Zipprich
Ozella Meekes Susan Langenbahn
Dorothy Frye Tammy Bradley


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Brooks Nettum
Announcer Collin Galvin
House Manager Constance Holt
Set Design Constance Holt, Doug Vaught
Technical Director Garrett Holt
Costume Manager Nancy Galvin
Sound Director Tim Holt

Cast: 12  Crew: 8  Total: 20