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9 to 5: The Musical

9 to 5: The Musical is a lively and engaging stage production that brings the humorous and empowering story of three working women to life. Set in the corporate world of the late 1970s, the musical follows the journey of Violet Newstead, Judy Bernly, and Doralee Rhodes as they navigate the challenges and frustrations of their male-dominated workplace.

Inspired by the iconic 1980 film, the musical is underscored by the music and lyrics of Dolly Parton, who also starred in the original movie. As these three women band together against their overbearing boss, Franklin Hart, Jr., their individual strengths and unique personalities shine. Through witty humor and catchy tunes, the musical addresses issues of workplace inequality, gender roles, and the pursuit of personal aspirations.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Violet Newstead Regina Torres
Judy Bernly Heather Starling
Doralee Rhodes Courtney Russell
Franklin Hart, Jr. Devin Clevenger
Roz Keith Peggy Strickland
Dwayne Rhodes/Bob Enright Oscar Acosta
Joe Elliot Miller
Josh Newstead Billy Hulsey
Missy Hart Martha McDowell
Maria Delgado Menla Hulsey
Dick Bernly/Detective Jimmy Kalista
Kathy/Candy Striper Jennifer Jaress
Margaret Joan Averett
Doctor/Russell Tinsworthy Ron Price
Ensemble Oscar Acosta, Joan Averett, Billy Hulsey, Jennifer Jaress, Jimmy Kalista, Martha McDowell, Elliot Miller, Peggy Strickland, Menla Hulsey


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Stephen Carver
Music Director Devin Clevenger
Choreographer Krista Angelique Carver
Stage Manager Joyce Ellenson
Technical Director Geoffrey Moss
Set Construction Crew Bill Bowler, Dewain Hanlon, Will Holder, Jamie Morrill, Will Nicolai, Jim Ramage
Set Painting Crew Jayne Jeney, Martha McDowell, Peggy Strickland, Missy Tremblay
Lights Anne Foos, Jayne Jeney, Jim Ramage
Sound Geoffrey Moss
Costume Chair Peggy Strickland
Dressers Violet Boerescu, Isabelle Bournigault, Cherly Deem, Vicki Gibson, Barbara Grass, Vicki Grethe, Murielle LaBeaud
Props Chair Will Holder
Biography Photographer Karen Bowden
Program Content Jayne Jeney
Program Design Eagleye Printing Framing & More
Usher Coordinator Debbie Price
Box Office Manager Tabitha Mudd
Crew Marylee Long, Linda McClane, Kathryn Sawyer, Elizabeth Sawyer, Valencia Tupper
Publicity/Promotion ACT Guild, Stephen Carver, Linda McClane
Photographer Karen Bowden
Advertising/Sponsorship Jim Ramage
Beverage Bar Coordinators John Chastine, Ron Leiseca
Lobby Art Coordinators Karen Bowden, Elizabeth Dion

Cast: 23  Crew: 47  Total: 70