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Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” is a musical based on the Disney animated film of the same name. It tells the timeless story of Belle, a young woman who finds herself drawn to the mysterious Beast, a prince trapped in the form of a hideous creature. As Belle gets to know the Beast and his enchanted household, including talking household items and furniture, she discovers the true beauty lies within.

The musical features a captivating score by Alan Menken, with lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. It includes beloved songs such as “Be Our Guest,” “Belle,” and the enchanting title song, “Beauty and the Beast.”

With its enchanting story, memorable music, and stunning set designs, the musical brings the magical world of Beauty and the Beast to life on stage. It is a tale as old as time that will delight audiences of all ages.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Belle Kathryn Nash
Beast Joshua Bond
Gaston Nathan Haltiwanger
Maurice Nick Barnes
Cogsworth/Baker Alec Hadden
Mrs. Potts/Laundry Lady Lisa Valdini Booth
Lumiere/Candlemaker Rodney Holmes
Chip/Shepherd Girl Kat DeCicco
Chip/Shepherd Boy Kai Zandman
Babette/Sausage Curl Girl Natalie Brouwer
Madame Grande Bouche/Marie Jennifer Hudson
Lefou Anthony Llerandi
Monsieur D'arque/Tavern Master Thaddeus Walker
Prince Jonathan Kwock
Ensemble Hailey Hendrickson, Viviana Barraro, Kylie Giliberto, Sarah Riley Dickey, Jada Williamson, Jonathan Crawford, Jonathan Kwock, Logan Farley, Zayne Xavier Thome


Character(s) Understudy Actor(s)
Belle Hailey Hendrickson
Beast Jonathan Kwock
Monsieur D'arque Jonathan Kwock
Gaston Thaddeus Walker
Cogsworth Thaddeus Walker
Lumiere Jonathan Crawford
LeFou Logan Farley
Mrs. Potts Jennifer Hudson
Madame Grande Bouche Kylie Giliberto


Title(s) Member(s)
Executive Producer/Director Tod Booth
Vice President of Production/Director Shain Stroff
Choreographer/Production Manager Erick Ariel Sureda
Musical Director Cathy Murphy Giddens
Associate Choreographer/Dance Captain Hailey Hendrickson
Assistant Production Manager Mel Nash
Costume Designers Camala Pitts, Dorinda Quiles
Set Design/Builders Shain Stroff, David Dionne, lan Black, Bob Rupp
Stained Glass Window Graphic Design Justin Murphy
Projection Design Shain Stroff
Technical Director David Dionne
Lighting Design Chad Erickson
Sound Design Eric Sullivan
Sound Engineer Brianna Donawa
Properties Patti Eyler
Wig/Hair Design Patty Pitts
Wardrobe Crew Supervisor Layla Thurman
Head Seamstress Allie Kangas
Stage Crew Sarah Brace, Kolby James

Cast: 23  Crew: 23  Understudy: 9  Total: 55