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Burn This

Burn This is a captivating drama by American playwright Lanford Wilson. The story unfolds in the bohemian world of downtown New York during the 1980s, centering on four complex characters brought together by a tragic accident. The plot revolves around Anna, a dancer-choreographer, and Pale, the volatile and charismatic brother of her deceased roommate and dance partner. As they grapple with their grief, a fiery passion is kindled that threatens to consume them. With its beautifully flawed characters and razor-sharp dialogue, Burn This is a thrilling journey through the human heart, a poignant exploration of the healing power of art, and a passionate testament to love’s ability to transform.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Pale Tyler Hammond
Burton Jason King
Anna Danielle Dobies
Larry Phedre Delinois


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Josh Andrews

Cast: 4  Crew: 1  Total: 5