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Choir Boy

* Inappropriate for children below the age of 17 due to instances of brief nudity and explicit language.

Choir Boy, a captivating play written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, is a stunning exploration of identity, masculinity, and respectability in a world that often rejects those who don’t conform to traditional norms. Set in an all-boys, predominantly African-American prep school, the play follows Pharus, a talented and charismatic choirboy who must navigate the challenges of growing up in a society that demands conformity at all costs. With its dynamic fusion of music, dance, and drama, Choir Boy is an immersive theatrical experience that will leave you moved and inspired. As Pharus struggles to find his voice and his place in the world, the play asks us to consider what it means to be true to ourselves in the face of societal pressure, and to explore the complex intersections of race, sexuality, and power that shape our lives.


Character(s) Actor(s)
Pharus Jonathan Young Zayne Thomie
Robert 'Bobby' Marrow III Clifton Daniels II
David Heard Darryl J. Beamon
Anthony Justin 'AJ' James Isaiah Turner
Headmaster Marrow Reese Dickerson
Junior Davis Raphael Albea
Mr. Pendleton Dave Alan Thomas
Pharus Understudy Israel Haynes


Title(s) Member(s)
Director Jeremé Raickett
Costume Design Tonya Thomas
Sound Design China Richardson
Music Dirction Tina Wilson
Choreography Arias West

Cast: 8  Crew: 5  Total: 13