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The Comedy of Errors


Character(s) Actor(s)
Solinus Mark Snitzer
Egeon Ken Loos
Antipholus of Ephesus Darren Frazier
Antipholus of Syracuse Chad Royal-Pascoe
Dromio of Ephesus Mike Pilver
Dromio of Syracuse Christopher Brady Dommermuth
Adriana Cristina Williams
Luciana Lorena Rogers
Balthasar Vertrees Hollingsworth
Angelo Chris S. Kellermeyer
First Merchant Diane Delage
Second Merchant Jimmy Aquino
Doctor Pinch Vertrees Hollingsworth
A Courtesan Jenny McKnight
Officer, Guard, Henchman Vertrees Hollingsworth, Diane Delage, Jimmy Aquino
Wench Leilani Tillis, Diane Delage, Carmen Chronister
Emilia Meyillan Fitzsimmons


Title(s) Member(s)
Artistic Director Michael Emerson
Scenic Designer Michael Emerson
Technical Director Shawn Meharg
Stage Manager Kevin Roberts
Properties Mistress Carmen Chronister
Lighting Design Shawn Meharg
Lighting Crew Shawn Meharg, Jimmy Aquino
Lighting Board Operator Kevin Roberts
Set Painting Shawn Meharg, Charlie York
Set Crew Shawn Meharg, Charlie York, Jimmy Aquino, Darren Frazier, Christopher Brady Dommermuth, Marina Cipullo, Tara Strickland, Gloria Pepe, Mike Pilver, Chris Fryson, Craig Van Zandt
Costume Mistress Kristina Bushman
Costume Crew Dee Wells, Jenny McKnight
Sound Design Robert Arleigh White
Sound Crew Landon Walker
Sound Operator Gloria Pepe
Hair and Make-up Bruce Musser
Choreographer Jimmy Aquino


Role Musician(s)
Percussion Chris S. Kellermeyer

Cast: 21  Crew: 30  Orchestra: 1  Total: 52