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The Alhambra Theatre & Dining

The Alhambra Theatre & Dining is a dinner theater located in Jacksonville, Florida. Founders Ted Johnson and George Ballis recruited businessman Leon Simon as their primary investor. It was established in 1967 and has been providing live theater performances, accompanied by fine dining, to the local community for over five decades. The theater has a seating capacity of 408 and features a main stage, private lounge area, and a full-service kitchen.

The Alhambra Theatre & Dining produces a variety of plays and musicals, ranging from contemporary works to classics. The theater also offers a pre-show dinner menu featuring a variety of gourmet cuisine options.

In addition to its main stage productions, The Alhambra Theatre & Dining also hosts special events throughout the year, such as holiday shows and benefit concerts. The theater is staffed by a team of professionals, including actors, directors, chefs, and waitstaff.

Due to the adverse impacts of the Late-2000s recession on attendance and costs, the Alhambra Dinner Theatre halted operations on August 31, 2009. Theatre Partners, a consortium of local investors, declared their purchase of the theatre on October 28, 2009.

The investor group proclaimed that the theatre would restart operations on December 1, 2009, featuring Christmas Carole, a long-standing Jacksonville tradition for over two decades. Tod Booth, the previous owner, committed to directing the shows, which were the main draw. The culinary aspect was handed over to DeJuan Roy, a renowned local restaurateur, who decided to innovate by altering the menu for each show and replacing the buffet service with table service. The theatre building underwent a facelift with the introduction of new flooring, fixtures, paint, and table settings.

To mark the rejuvenation of this local theatre landmark, the new owners organized a complimentary outdoor dinner show on November 7, 2009. Chef Medure prepared food on a grill while performers delighted the audience with timeless show tunes. It was also made public that the inaugural show for the 2010 Season would be High School Musical, set to begin on December 30, 2009.